The Anxious Executive has been established to help Introverts working in a business environment understand, accept and embrace their introversion and the unique set of skills that they have and offer. Through one of our workshops or customised coaching and mentoring we can help you understand, embrace and explain your Introversion. In our workshops we cover topics such as why Introverts make great business leaders, how to write your own personal ‘user manual’, explaining your Introversion, managing speaking anxiety and how to be heard as an Introvert. We also take the chance to laugh by hearing the personal ’good, the bad and the ugly’ experiences of an Introvert working globally and how to explain your Introversion with humour. Our workshops and services can also help those businesses and business leaders working with Introverts to understand more about the most effective ways of working with Introverts.

The ‘Chief Introvert’ of The Anxious Executive is Andrew Parker. Andrew is an Australian national with extensive experience in executive and senior marketing, sales and commercial roles in Australia, US, Europe and Asia. Andrew has lived and worked in Australia, Europe and Asia and over 20 plus years has gained deep leadership experience proving that Introverts can be successful in business. 

Andrew’s own personal journey took him a long time to recognise that ‘Introverts’ often make great business leaders and indeed sales people; as they listen more, ask more incisive questions, plan thoroughly and can develop deeper personal relationships. Andrew has a passion for coaching and mentoring individuals in business (and also their businesses) who suffer from introversion and anxiety to be successful in the worlds of sales, marketing, and business leadership.

Andrew holds an MBA, a BA and is a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ ) trainer.

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